2017 — “And in Conclusion I Will Say...”

2017 — “And in Conclusion I Will Say...”

Tne 2017 Calendar was composed of the artworks by the needlwoman Svetlana Babushkina. The images of the embroideries in the Calendar overlap with the words of the famous Russian romances. They will create a romantic mood to you for the whole year.

And here's the written review:

Janet Maich

Dear Galina and Jacob,

Thanks again for another favorite calendar. What a lovely way to start a New Year!

Santa Clara, California, USA


Dina and Igor Yevelev

Dear Galochka,

Thank you so much for the wonderful present!
We truly appreciate it.
You have created such the beautiful memories for your family!

G-d bless you, dorogaya.

Palo Alto, California, USA


Julie Passalacqua

Dearest Galina,

Once again I am in love of your calendar. The beauty of the needlework accompanied poetry is a stunning artistic combination.

You must take such joy in each year’s creation!

San Jose, California, USA


Izabella Jaczynski

Dear Galina,

Your calendar has arrived in C.B. this afternoon. Thank you so very much for your very special gift. Your Mom's artwork is beautiful as always and the poetic verses complement her art so well.

Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA


Olga Selikhov

Galina privet! We've received calendars yesterday. Awesome craft and poetry!

Thank you very much from all of us!

Coventry, Connecticut, USA