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Friendly sites

"Man-made wonders"

Exhibition of artworks and master classes of Lily Semyonovna Kharitonova. Skilled works in the art of Floristics, guilloche, bulk items and other materials.

Chronicle of my family

The purpose of the family website "Chronicle of my family" – to remember, to preserve, to understand the family history to find their roots, traditions, talents, and to share all this with your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

Step-Studio "Step-antre"

The website of the children's dance step Studio. On the website the repertoire of the collective, of teachers.

Portfolio Shcheglov S.

Portfolio of web designer, has created, including this website.

Portfolio Prikhodko O.

Portfolio web master created, including this website


International conference "Development of computer technology and its software in Russia and the former Soviet Union: history and prospects (SORUCOM)".

Russian Virtual Computer Museum!

The history of computers in the USSR and abroad. Calculations in the pre-computer era.

Choreographic ensemble "Freckles"

On the website information about the teachers and changing the schedule of the ensemble. Photos and videos. Articles about the travel and relevant news. The ensemble's repertoire and the poster of the next tours, concerts and festivals.


Website to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Novosibirsk branch of the Institute of precision mechanics and computer technology of the USSR (NF ITM and VT).