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It is so great that we pass gradually through the well-worn cliche and the standard imitation. The home warmth, the coziness, the small delights and the good family traditions have come just at the right moment. And this is possible with help of needlework, or your skillful hands and your fantasy.

Fashion Magazine. Needlework, 2003, N 430

Izabella Jaczynski

Dear Galina, 
Once again, thank you so much for your wishes and another wonderful calendar. I finally had time to read all the poems, admire pictures/paintings. It is nice that your granddaughters are continuing your " calendar tradition ". They are very talented and creative young artists and did a fantastic job. I am glad they included their picture too.

My favourite Alisa's works are:

  • cover page - canvas of empty street in a big city
  • August page - canvas, sea
  • November page - wood, volcano

and Anna's are:

  • January - wood, wet street in a big city
  • May - canvas, sea
  • July - canvas, flowers, very pretty and colorful.

They remind me of some of your Mom's artworks, which I suspect were inspiration for Anna

  • September - canvas, very original

I liked all the poems, they do reflect the world between 1922 - 2022. A. Akhmatova's are my favorite and thanks to your calendars I got to enjoy samples of Russian poetry. I read English or Polish translations of Russian prose in past years but not poetry, so thank you my friend. And I think all paintings compliment the great poems.

Clearwater, Florida, USA


Galina Bogdanova

Thank you all who made for a great calendar 2024!!!

Westwood, Massachusetts, USA


Andrey Kneller

Received it today! Looks great! Thanks again to you and your girls!

Southborough, Massachusetts, USA


Julie Passalacqua

Dear Galina,

“Among Enchanted Grasses” is a beautiful creation – you have an incredible team to work with! My favorite work is “The Birches”. The embroidery is exquisite, the stitches are breathtakingly perfect. She was such an artist!

San Jose, California, USA


Izabella Jaczynski

Thank you very much for your wonderful calendar 2023. As always it is beautiful, special and again filled with pictures of your Mom's great art. I do love the combination of art and poems. I will read all English translations first and later will tackle reading them in their original language. And thanks to you I have the chance to improve my knowledge of Russian poetry at least a little.

Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA


Julie Passalacoua

Dear Galina,

You mast be so proud of Anna and Alise – what an amazing calendar they created for 2022 – making you and their greatgrandmother proud to carry on this tradition through the genetations!

Always such a beautiful artistic creation! No translation needed.

Thank you. Best wishes for the happiest of new years.
Love, Julie

San Jose, California, USA


Izabella Jaczinski

Dear Galina, 

Two days ago I received your big surprise: the 2022 calendar with art work of your granddaughters! It is beautiful, very colorful, modern and original and I like it a lot so thank you very much my dear friend. What talented girls they are and I am sure their parents and grandparents are very proud of their achievements and talents. It will take me a while to read all the poems in the calendar since my Russian is rather rustic these days but I will enjoy the challenge :-) Of course my favorite paintings are for March, June and I am sure you can guess why :-) Also May, August, January and February and all others are great art works too. 

Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA


Marina Rivkina

Hello Galochka,

Thanks a lot for your present.  This is the my first NY present this your and it is very impressive.  May be this is a prediction for me - the year will be beautiful and full of common sense.

I like the compilation - everything follow the main idea, which have a role of a trunk and beautiful words and pictures are around like a branches with flowers.

I love your poems. They are great. 

I really wish "the new generation" have a "feeling" of what all of you presenting here.

My best congrats with coming  NY and best of luck and success in your creative work.

San Jose, California, USA


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