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It is so great that we pass gradually through the well-worn cliche and the standard imitation. The home warmth, the coziness, the small delights and the good family traditions have come just at the right moment. And this is possible with help of needlework, or your skillful hands and your fantasy.

Fashion Magazine. Needlework, 2003, N 430

Janet Maich

Iíll engoy the latest calendar!

Santa Clara, California, USA


Julie Passalacqua

Dear Galina,

Another incredible calendar! Between your motherís artwork and your granddaughter compiling the 2019 edition, you must be so proud. As I read the poetry, it made me realize how the seasons transition so differently in your homeland.

Thank you so much.

San Jose, California, USA


Marina Ryvkina


My best wishes to you and your love ones.
The most important in our lives is beauty. It makes is kinder, more optimistic, and many others "more....".
That is our forever present from your mom.
And i am very thankful to you, that you continue to share this gift with us.

Thank you. 

With sincere respect,

Palo Alto, California, CA


Izabella Jaczynski

Dear Galina,

Thank you for your wishes, holiday card and wonderful calendar, which arrived here 2 days ago. What a great idea to commemorate Pushkin's 220 birthday anniversary. It is hard to believe that you are creating those calendars for over 10 years already. As the previous ones,  this one too presents your Mom's beautiful artwork, which is complimented with great poetry. These special calendars are truly wonderful gifts that I enjoy a lot.

Clearwater, Florida, USA


Julie Passalacqua

Dearest Galina,

Once again thank you for exquisite 2018 calendar. The needlework so perfectly complements the poetry of Osip Mandelstam. Know that I will spend time each month lost in thought about each!

San Jose, California, USA



Dear Galina,

Your calendar arrived here on Saturday. As always, it is beautiful and thank you very much for such dear gift. Your Mom's art work is so special and beautiful. The verses of poet Osip Mandelstam complement your Mom's art so perfectly. One expresses his feelings and beauty in words the other in her embroideries. I do not know if your Mom has ever met the poet but to me they are artists/soulmates.

You select such great/perfect verses and poets to create wonderful calendars in memory of your Mom. 2018 calendar with one poet only but how perfectly his verses are matching your Mom's art. And the poems in original language and English translations allow me to understand them better and practice my Russian too :-) Thank you my friend. 

Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA


Janet Maich

Dear Galina and Jacob,

Thanks again for another favorite calendar. What a lovely way to start a New Year!

Santa Clara, California, USA


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