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For the thousands years that crafts have existed, women with pleasure took lessons from generous nature, and it in turn gave the inspiration to us.

Журнал мод. Рукоделие, 2002, № 426

Our website has already lived for longer than one year. And for this time it has not only brought to us, its creators, the most interesting job, the new knowledge and skills, but what is the most important of all, - has enriched us with the new friends who help us with advices and take part in translation and editing. They are true admirers of needlework by Svetlana Babushkina. We are under an obligation to them for their support, wonderful ideas and this joy that occurs as from a contact with a beauty of creative work as from a contact with the beautiful people.

The general idea was simple – to collect in the one place the works by Svetlana Babushkina that were kept in different homes, different cities, and different countries.

The work with the website took some stages.

The first one was a making in the Internet the exhibition of embroideries by Svetlana Babushkina that, in our opinion, are the most valuable of her needlework. The basis for this exhibition was the album “Art by needle” published for the 80th birthday of the needlewoman in January 2006 in the publishing firm REKLAMA-LAMA ( The exhibition in the Internet was supplemented with works that have not gone into the album for some reasons as printing characteristics as purely timing ones, we have not been able to take pictures of many works that had been kept in other cities of Russia and abroad.

The second stage was the development of the exhibition of apparel and accessories sewn, knitted and embroidered by Svetlana for many years. This idea belonged to the needlewoman herself. Much to our regret, a lot of beautiful things made by her hands had not been preserved.

The third, it was arisen a necessity to open Testimonials/Comments part in order to show there all warm words and thanksgiving letters to the needlewoman we had been receiving.

An appearance of part News occasioned by addition to the website new embroideries and some patterns that we have started to place there to comply our visitor's requests. Also we wanted to share with you our new undertakings stimulated by a work with the website. We started to publish the wall calendars, the pocket calendars and greeting cards based of embroideries by Svetlana Babushkina. We give them to the admirers of her talent.

And at last, the final stage is a redesign of the whole website because of a time request and the conditions of all previous stages. The redesign was created by Sergey ( The reconstruction of the website was done by Oxana Prikhodko (

Welcome to our site dedicated to the needlework and the life of Svetlana Babushkina!

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