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It is so great that we pass gradually through the well-worn cliche and the standard imitation. The home warmth, the coziness, the small delights and the good family traditions have come just at the right moment. And this is possible with help of needlework, or your skillful hands and your fantasy.

Fashion Magazine. Needlework, 2003, N 430

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Izabella Jaczynski

Thank you so much for the calendar, which arrived here before New Year. The pictures of your mom's beautiful embroidery artwork are so very special.
The selected poems written by poets from different countries and printed in two languages are lovely idea.

Lublin, Poland

Julie Passalacqua

Dear Galina,
I can’t express how surprised and delighted I was to receive your calendar. I am always in awe of your mother’s needlework and your poetry selections – a work of love!

San Jose, CA, USA

Janet Maich

Dear Galina and Jacob,
Thanks so much for the special calendar – beautiful and unique as always. Your friendship is the most precious gift.

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Julie Passalacqua

Dear Galina, Once again thank you for the beautiful Christmas gift. The 2014 Calendar with your Mother’s amazing needlework and accompanying poetry is? As always, not only an endeavor of love, but a piece of artwork.


Izabella and Marek Jaczynski

Dear Galina, Thank you so very much for a beautiful calendar 2014. It arrived here 2-3 days ago but I was in Warsaw for a week visiting with my family and just got back home. Your mom's creations are so pretty and poems that you picked match her art work perfectly.


Izabella and Marek Jaczynski , Lublin, Poland

Dearest Galina,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful calendar 2013. The colorful pictures of your Mom's embroidery are so pretty. She truly is a great artist. And the idea of including poems of such famous poets in two languages in the calendar is great. I know I will
enjoy reading and rereading them a lot :-)


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