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Nothing calms the same way as an embroidering of decorative pictures, table-clothes and napkins by satin stitch. This is related to a meditation.

Fashion Magazine. Needlework, 2004, N 2(450)

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Ornament with roses, triptych, satin stitchOrnament with roses, triptych, satin stitch
Ornament with roses, triptych, satin stitch

Ornament with roses, triptych
Satin stitch, silk, 33 х 60, 128 х 51, 33 х 60

The portrait of M.Gor'kiy, satin stitch

Portrait of M.Gor’kiy
Satin stitch, silk, 18 х 32

Portrait of A.S.Pushkin, satin stitch

Portrait of A.S.Pushkin
Satin stitch, silk, 18 х 32

Landscape The Birches, satin stitch

Landscape «The Birches»
Satin stitch, silk, 60 х 40

Still life with watermelon, satin stitch

Still life with watermelon
Satin stitch, silk, 70 х 50

Ivanushka, satin stitch

Satin stitch, silk, 25 х 20



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