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Eleonor Cullen

Big spasibo for your beautiful gift! I love the calendar and the poetry you selected for each flower. I appreciate all the time you spent in research, reading and writing down appropriate ideas for the flower theme. I will see the calendar many times daily and will think of you each time – the best gift!


Jan Conner

Dear Galina,
I'm so glad you told me about your mom's website. Her pictures look like real paintings, and the clothing and bags are very attractive. I can only imagine how much time and love goes into every creation. How proud you must be, and how proud she must be of your tribute to her! What a lovely narrative. Thanks for sharing.

10.01. 2008


Here is intresting people... Lets talk!


Janice Lieberman

Dear Galina, What a delightful surprise I recieved this week when the album of your mother's embroideries arrived. They are so exquisite. Each one is unique and filled with "sunshine". I smiled as I studied each one... Your idea of developing a website is terrific, especially to have it in English and Russian.
The beauty of preserving your mother's work is that it keeps her close to you and is a beautiful legacy for the family.



Thank you so much for the beautiful calendar of your mother's cross-stitch. She is a true artist. I went to web site and enjoyed reading about your mother's life and work… and, of course, seeing some of her beautiful stitches pieces. I would love to see some of her ribbon embroidery as well.

12. 2006

Camelia Esquivel

Hi, Galina! The we page you created for your mother is sooo beautiful! Her work is fantastic! You are so fortunate to be the daughter of such incredible person and at the same time she is so fortunate to have a daughter like you! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!


Larissa Watkins

Dear Galina, Yesterday we received an unexpected package from Santa Clara, and we truly had an esthetic feast. Robert read aloud an introduction (you remember he is a diligent student) and was very pleased to understand everything, including tank's garrison. More over, he had a good laugh when he imagined how Shtraus might dances with Nuclear Bomb. At a same time he was very upset with me, because I didn't demonstrate him right away how to do “krestick and glad'”, but I promised to show it as soon as I have a minute to find a needle and thread. Galochka, your Album is an Apotheosis of:
1. Daughter's Love,
2. Talented Hands,
3. Colors of Nature…,
and dozens of other things which make our life rich and meaningful. Your Album will be a dearest memory of everything what our nostalgic Russian soul likes to keep and cherish. Thank you so much for this surprising thoughtful gift!


Donna Bublitz

I loved the album you sent me of your mother's art work. I am going to share it with some friends in quilting and crafts. Some of them are doing or are interested in learning how to do some of those stitchings. A couple of them are interested in doing the ribbon embroidery. They will be “blow away” by your mother's work. Did you put that album together? It is wonderful. The photography, organization, display are wonderful. Every time I look at it I find something new I missed the last time. How beautiful!


Luba Trakhtenbrot, PhD

Dear Galia, I wanted to say you that the album of embroideries of your mom has very big susses!! - I show it to our friends on two parties that we organized when I returned from NY. They sad that its really unique! Especially the last period (I mean the embroideries based on ribbons ): these pictures aroused delight...


Maya Brusilovskaya

This albom brought wonderful memories to me and my family. Memories about Russian sites with beautiful flowers,houses in winter in my Byelorussian village,real autumn colors,...Every picture is full of life and happiness, the sun is shining through every flower and they are so alive!
I believe only real talent can make people think,love,feel...
Thank you very much to you Svetlana Alexandrovna for all your work and to you Galochka for bringing this art to all of us.

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